Findmyfare – Visa Travel Promo Launch and Cocktail Evening

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From left: Thushan Shanmugarajah – Director, Abishek Sthampalam – Director, Akansha Mohan – Associate Director – Visa Consolidated Support Services (India) Pvt Ltd and Sujay Ravikumar – Business Associate at Visa, Singapore. announced a promotion with Visa, the leading global payments technology company which connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments in more than 200 countries around the world.The tie-up is part of and Visa’s effort to provide customers with a convenient, fast, secure and simple payment option that encourages customers to embrace the cost effectiveness and convenience of online shopping.  To celebrate the launch of the promotion, the team hosted a cocktail event at the Kingsbury Hotel, which was attended by the company’s loyal customers, airline agents and travel partners.

Thushan Shanmugarajah and Abishek Sithampalam addressing the gathering.

The promotion will extend until September 2015 and for its duration, a variety of incredible deals will be offered to all customers using a Visa credit and/or debit card issued by banks in Sri Lanka. Customers using Visa cards to make online payments will be able to enjoy a variety of special benefits, including a 5% discount on base fares for all flights booked via during the promotion period. Visa cardholders will also be able to benefit from exclusive monthly deals that feature a unique destination each month. Dubai has been selected as the ‘Visa Destination of the Month’ in January 2015 and customers can get a 20% discount on base fares for all flights booked to Dubai during the month of January. Visa cardholders can also benefit from a world of offers across categories such as shopping, dining and entertainment at the 20th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival which Visa is a partner of.

With growing internet and mobile penetration, online transactions are on a rise across the world. Online transactions provide the convenience to book tickets, make bill payments and pay mobile bills etc. at the click of a mouse button – anytime and anywhere.


Cabaret dancers making the event colourful

The cocktail evening was enlightened with so many fun games and performances, which made the day memorable for the invitees and findmyfare team both.


The Directors welcoming the guests.



fmf team




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