Have you ever been to Universal Studios, Singapore? Or would you like to visit again? Well keep reading to get a few tips on how to have a remarkable time at Universal Studios.

1. How you should Book Your Ticket

Always book your tickets online, it’s much easier than having to stand in a line. Once you purchase it online, you will receive an email from Resort World Sentosa, with a booking confirmation letter and an e-ticket. Print it out and head over to the counter that is at the carpark basement of Sentosa Island and redeem your tickets there.

2. What’s the Perfect date to go

Make sure you visit on a weekday to Universal Studios or else you would get caught to large crowds. So do your research when planning your travel dates because it would be challenging to enjoy Universal Studios on Singapore holiday.

3. Insider Tips on Entering Universal Studios

Heading over as early as 9 A.M is desirable as there’s a good chance you have to wait in line. Also being an early bird will get your hands on some exclusive giveaways at the entrance itself.

4. Check Ride Restrictions

Some rides require guests to be of certain height. Most require children to be at least 122cm, or accompanied by adults. Check ride details in the Park’s Rider’s Guide available at Guest Services Window (Front of Park).

5. How long is the Waiting time

Be prepared to wait as majority of the rides have about 20 – 30 minute waiting times. Universal Studios noticed and have made the waiting a little entertaining with storylines, props and more to keep you distracted.

6. Prepare to get wet

When experiencing Universal Studios you are bound to get wet. From sprays of water to massive splashes, you get it all. Word of advice taking a change of clothes and a small towel would be a tremendous advantage.

7. Must try rides

There are many rides at Universal Studios but here a few rides that you shouldn’t miss out on when there:


One of the first rides you would run into at Universal Studios. If you’re a big Transformers fan you will love this ride. A thrilling experience involving the rider in a mission with Transformers.


High speed is an understatement when it comes to this ride. Shifting into speeds between 64-72 KMH (40-45 MPH) in seconds. A combination of horror & speed, definitely a ride of revenge.


Starting as a simple ride along a river seeing the dinosaurs as in the movie and slowly turning into a hunt or be hunted situation really brings you back to the classic. All dinosaur fans would go crazyon this river rapid ride adventure at the Lost World zone, you will get soaked head to toe (Don’t Say we didn’t warn you).

8. Carry a light bag

Carrying a heavy bag in a big theme park will make anyone exhausted. So it helps to keep it light or would pretty much slow down the experience.

Carry basics like:

· Water: This is a must to keep refreshed/hydrated at all times;

· Change of clothes for all those rides that will soak you.

· Camera: Universal studios is just too amazing to not have a camera capturing every moment. No camera? No Problem! Your phone would be just as perfect.

But one thing is for sure, this place leaves everyone in awe. Some of the best insider tips on Universal Studios, Singapore but your experience there is the real ride. Happy travels!!


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