8 Most Enjoyable Travel Destinations in Australia

Australia has become famous because of its awesome inspiring scenes which can be found along the Great Barrier. It is also a home for most profound cosmopolitan cities such as Sydney. For anyone planning to get an Australian Visa and make a trip visit, it is important to consider the best visit spots within the country. The following tour destinations have been ranked among the top niche destinations in Australia by the US News. The ranking is majorly based on traveller friendly accommodations, dining selections as well as ease of access.


Commonly known as the city of adventure. Pay a visit to Queenstown and expect quite an adrenaline rush from thrilling experiences such as bungee jumping, mountain bike traversing, skydiving and finally snowboarding. For tourists who picture something easy-going then visiting the Chard Farm Winery would be the best destination for those who love wine. The Hot Pools will provide a nice warm soak after a long day of snowboarding. Let’s not forget the Skyline Gondola. Enjoy a quiet gondola ride with a beautiful view of the sky alongside.

Great Barrier Reef

Pay a visit to one of the seven nature wonders of the world. This is one spot that must not miss in a tourist’s list. The Great Barrier Reef covers an average of about 1250miles from Cape York all the way south to Bundaberg. Enjoy sea diving, snorkelling, cairns as well as the beautiful scenery at Hamilton Island.


This town is a home to a population of three million Australian citizens. Visit museums such as the Melbourne Museum and national Gallery of Victoria. There also zoos presents such as the Werribee Open Range Zoo. If you love sports then the Melbourne Cricket Ground can be exciting. Other exciting things to do in Melbourne is visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens, as well as the Melbourne Central.


Enjoy the charm of a great city: Appealing havens such as the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, zoos such as the popular Auckland zoo as well as over rated museums such as the Auckland Museum. In addition one can enjoy the magnificent urban parks such as the Cornwall.


Well known for its Tahitian vacation, just relaxing with a tropical cocktail basking at the warm sun. Enjoy swimming, snorkel and surfing at La Plage de Maui. One can get a wildlife experience while taking a ferry tour to Moorea. But if one is looking for a thrilling experience, hiking to the Fautaua waterfall would best satisfy.


Brisbane River is the source of most activities taking place in Brisbane. Enjoy the experiences of Brisbane by renting a Kayak or stand-up-paddle board at the River life Adventure Centre. Enjoy fine arts venues at the Parklands at South Bank, the cultural hub of Brisbane. If you are looking to lounge, then visit Roma Street Parklands; one of many Brisbane’s outdoor cosmoses.



Bora Bora

The main tourist activity in this magnificent town is relaxation, and the town provides it all One can visit the Bora Bora Lagoonarium to enjoy beautiful underwater life scenery. Vaitape offers a glimpse of the town’s culture and Mount Otemanu is unavoidable whether taken in picture from afar or climbed on its rocky drops.



In Sydney the beaches of Bondi and Coogee satisfy most tourist expectations. I recommend taking a gaze, climb, or walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. One could also enjoy taking a glance at the fish at the Sydney aquarium. Although mentioned a few, Sydney has so much more exciting tourist activities within.

These are just but a few sites one could plan to see, get your Australian visa when taking a vacation, honeymoon for couples or family holidays in Australia.

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