A Training Program for Findmyfare Team!






“The essence of training is to allow error without consequence.”

― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

FMF management conducted a training session for their young pool of staff on 15th Oct 2014. The main purposes of the training session were to improve their overall knowledge about travel industry, to improve their skills and to establish team work spirit within all the departments.

The training session by the management was followed by a presentation done by Turkish Airways educating the staff on how Turkish Airlines is operated, the most travelled destinations through Turkish Airlines and the procedures of booking. A small team game was carried out to keep the staff entertained and focused.


As there is a saying that a successful journey starts with a single step, Findmyfare has come a long way overcoming so many challenges towards the success. Also Findmyfare has been able to set the trend of online travel booking in the country and is famous in town as the “Travel Craze of Colombo”. FMFis always making significant efforts to ensure consumer convince offering them cost effective travel solutions.  But at the same time they never forget to deliver the best to their staff as well.

FMF is hoping to conduct continuous training sessions for their staff in order to ensure that they get the expertise knowledge to do their daily work activities and to improve online customer experience.