When people think of a tropical vacation, there are a few names that the mind automatically is drawn to – Sri Lanka is one of these names. Think lush, dark greens, backwaters and the sea, a heavy dose of culture and heady, flavour cuisine – yes, that is Sri Lanka. Getting a vacation package into Sri Lanka is perhaps the best way to enjoy this beachy destination; however, make sure you pay a visit to the following beautiful cities of character to complete your circle.

City #1: Kandy

If not already included in your package, customise it to include a visit to Kandy. This city is technical, topographically a Sri Lankan hill station, sitting amidst the shoreline views of the majestic Bogambara Lake. You will be experiencing culture and landscapes at the same time in this UNESCO world heritage site when you get a Sri Lankan travel package.

City #2: Galle

Take a dip into the Portuguese heritage that was left behind years ago in the historic city of Galle. A leisurely stroll through the old town is going to give you immense pleasure and a feeling of walking down the streets of your ancestors. You will find South Asia’s one of the best-preserved sea-forts in Galle.

City #3: Mirissa

This is the city to be if you are thinking golden, sandy beaches and quiet guesthouses. Enjoy a romantic holiday in the city of Mirissa with beautiful sunsets, exciting nightlife and some whale and dolphin spotting adventures as well.

Sri Lanka is a name on bucket lists of many travellers. Make sure you visit the destinations above.

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