Booking Made Easy – Convenient travel Booking with revolutionized Sri Lanka’s travel industry by launching the country’s first and largest online travel company. Findmyfare allows you to search, compare and make reservations on any flight you require or make a hotel booking in any part of the world with just a few clicks.

Start your SEARCH!
Findmyfare offers over twenty airline options to choose from both locally and internationally. You can select the airline that best suits your requirements and budget to fly to any part of the world. With over 1500 hotel deals locally and 150,000 hotels to book from worldwide, findmyfare gives you limitless options to choose the accommodation that satisfy your travels.

Why not COMPARE us?
We urge you to check and compare the rates on other websites to find a price lower than what we offer. We guarantee that you will only find the lowest rates available in the market on findmyfare whether it is for airline ticket purchase or hotel reservation. If you do manage to find a lower rate than what we offer, findmyfare pledges to beat that price and offer the same deal at a lower rate.

How would you like to PAY?
We are very flexible. There are several payment options that we offer our customers because we want you to experience the joys of travel. You can make your payments via bank transfers, credit card payments, monthly payment schemes; online banking methods or you can pay at any bank and get your e-ticket. The 24 hour online support by travel experts working on the website ensures that all your payments are monitored immediately, and you will receive a phone call once a payment is made.

SAVE time, money and energy
You can obviously save a lot of time making your purchases through findmyfare because you can do it any time of the day, wherever you are in the world. Since we pledge to give you the lowest rates available you have nothing to worry about there. But when you are travelling abroad you need to make sure you have your VISA intact, hence we have also introduced a VISA guidance services on the website. We will tell you where you need to go and what you need to take in order get your VISA stamped. is a one stop travel solutions provider that focuses on spreading the idea of travel to everyone and is committed to offer the lowest travel rates in the country. Log onto our website to get a feel of what we offer and make your travel arrangements with ease.

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