Findmyfare makes a journey to the southern coast

Findmyfare took a trip down south to check out the best hotel deals that are on offer for our customers who are always on the lookout for hot deals that we have in store for them.  The findmyfare team personally visited twenty hotels in which the online travel company has partnered with for upcoming promotions.

Starting from the closest ‘touristic’ city towards the southern coast FMF team started the hotel hunt in Wadduwa.

Laya Beach



One of the three properties run by the Sri Lanka Army the standards and maintenance of the Laya Beach is unquestionable. Headed by Lieutenant Colonel Chithral Kulathunga as the CEO, the location is open to the public for various occasions. There are 48 air-conditioned rooms in the hotel with cable TV and all other modern amenities. You also find a pool, a large play area and soccer court for outdoor entertainment.

Blue Waters


A hotel which needs no introduction the Blue Waters, Wadduwa offers rooms in excellent condition. The location awed by many for its spacious garden area ideal for special occasions, it is a property that is well maintained and luxurious.  FMF customers have a lot to look forward here since all rooms are equipped with bath tubs, satellite TVs, coffee machines etc. Apart from the very long signature pool, you also find a well-equipped gym and a spa at the hotel.

After passing Wadduwa the FMF team headed towards Kalutara where they stopped off at three locations.

Tangerine Beach Hotel and Royal Palms Beach

Tangerine Beach Hotel


Tangerine beach Hotel and Royal Palms Beach are two hotels owned by the Tangerine Group. Situated next to each other both locations have its unique style and atmosphere.

The FMF team was given a warm welcome at the Tangerine Beach with a refreshing glass of tangy Amberella juice and cinnamon water. The interior design and concept of the location is largely influenced by Indian décor and furniture. The three main types of rooms include the Rajasthan Royal Suite, Royal Suite and Penthouse Suite.

Tangerine Beach Hotel

The Royal Palms Beach too is furnished with an authentic touch but you find that it is a bit more modern than its counterpart. What is most common between the two hotels is that both serve Japanese, Indian, Western, Eastern cuisines for their guests and the staff is very friendly and helpful. There are six restaurants altogether in both hotels.

The next stop for the FMF team was Mermaid Hotel and Club also in Kalutara. The team had a delicious buffet lunch here and everyone was impressed by the excellent service.

Mermaid Hotel

This is a popular location for tourists travelling from Europe and the hotel was packed with many foreigners who were enjoying their summer holidays in Sri Lanka.  We encountered a very ‘uncommon’ sight here at Mermaid. A guest who was checking out of the hotel was crying and hugging the staff while bidding farewell to everyone. We could only guess that she too was taken up by the hospitability of the staff just as we were.

Fortress Resort and Spa in Koggala

Our next stop was the Fortress Resort and Spa in Koggala. A member of small luxury hotels of the world, this is an exquisite hotel for the discerning holidaymaker. We were pleasantly surprised that the staff already knew about our supposedly spontaneous visit to the hotel because of the stimulating word of mouth power among the hotels in the area.

Fortress Resort and Spa in Koggala

Everything at the Fortress reflected luxury from the rooms, amenities available as well as the overall atmosphere of the hotel.

The next stop for team FMF was Malima Weligambay Villa in Mirissa. The villa is located in the Mirissa hills above the whale watching harbor and is maintained by the Sri Lanka Navy. This was one the favoured locations for the crew at FMF since everyone agreed it had a ravishing scenery together with excellent service and facilities for the guests.

Malima Weligambay Villa in Mirissa

There are fourteen individual villas available here and each villa accompanies a plunge pool and a private garden. The rates for accommodation and food are greatly affordable here, since it is maintained by the Navy all taxes are excluded.