Most Beautiful Beaches In The United States


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Many of us want to go to the beach to listen to the waves and relax without the noise of crowds of people. Or find a nice place to sit down and watch the sunset without having to see crowds of people. In the last couple of decades this has become harder and harder to do with a decent part of the population moving to the coastlines. If you are willing to spend a little time and effort you can still find great beaches in the United States and enjoy them all to yourself. Below are the Most Beautiful Beaches in the United States

Oregon Beaches

The Oregon coastline can be a beach vacationer’s paradise 363 miles of public beach and a sparsely populated coastline you are sure to find a quite secluded beach if you look around. The Oregon coastline has a very harsh winter with lots of wind and rain not many people choose it as a place to call home. In the summer months you can find some great weather for beach combing and some cooler weather that makes a great relief when the rest of the area is in the high summer temps.

Texas Beaches

A large part of the Texas cost has many miles of secluded beach some beaches you will have to drive for hours to get to. The Gulf of Mexico has a very diverse eco system that makes for some very unique beaches. Here you will find plenty of room to fish, camp and enjoy the beach without many people.

Hawaii Beaches

When most people think of Hawaii they think of Waikiki, but that is only one place on the Hawaiian Islands. The Big Island of Hawaii has many areas that are very secluded and has beaches where you will probably not see another person all day. With the near perfect weather much of the year that is all you need to find your own hidden paradise.

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Southern California Beaches

With such a large population and so many of the residents trying to live near the coast Southern California is probably one of the most challenging places to find a beach. With a little searching around you can still find a couple of beaches that are off of most of the maps and few people know about. To find a really secluded beach you might have to take a drive up the coast where the population thins out and few people go.

Northern California Beaches

Northern California very little industry compared to the southern half of the state so it also has a lot less people, this is great if you are looking for beaches. Northern California has tons of beaches especially in the north some you have to hike to which makes them a challenge to get to but also insures that you will not see many people if any at all.

Kauai Beaches

Kauai is a true gem with miles and miles of white sand and tropical landscape paradise is all around. Kauai is one of the least populated Hawaiian island and has some of the beast beaches you are sure to find a great hidden beach if you spend some time here.

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