Online travel booking the best way to make your international travel plans

Purchasing airline tickets or making hotel reservations online is a relatively new concept to Sri Lanka. The inevitable global cyber village, constant lack of time and convenience factors has enabled us to turn to the internet to pay our bills, do our shopping, and make various appointments, so why not use it make our travel arrangements?

Today many travelers worldwide prefer to buy their air tickets and make hotel reservations online whether it is for a long holiday or a quick business trip. Apart from the obvious convenience factors online air ticket reservations can also be much cheaper since there is no agency fee, it’s a real time process because your data gets updated then and there, the buyer has the liberty to compare prices unlike when dealing with an agent and you minimize the risk of typos and other errors in your personal information.

While most locals are familiarizing themselves to use online travel solutions there are still those who scrutinize the system. In order to ensure that you are dealing with a genuine company make sure you check the following details before you proceed to make your online travel arrangements in Sri Lanka.

Check for IATA Accreditation

When purchasing online travel services remember to ensure that you are dealing with an IATA accredited agent. IATA (International Air Transport Association) is the trade association for the world’s airlines representing 84% of total air traffic. The best way to judge if a travel agency is authentic in Sri Lanka is through this accreditation. This applies not only for online agencies but also for the conventional walk in ones.

Know the company you are dealing with
Travel planCheck for company background information. You can start by ensuring the company registration details. Before making a payment, look for a contact number and address on the website. You can always call the number in advance and get any information you need.

Find out where your credit card payment is going
This applies to any form of online purchase; simply make sure you know who you are paying. Is the online company charging you and in return paying other travel companies or suppliers involved or are you being redirected to another website at the payment stage? You need to find out how your credit card payment is being processed.

Receive the proper documentation
Once you pay and book your airline ticket or make a hotel reservation you need to receive some form of confirmation document. You may get an e-ticket or a voucher to be printed, or simply save on your mobile device. The important thing is you receive an authentic document pertaining to your purchase.

Other general conditions
Check for the currency that the prices are quoted in so that you are clear on your costs. If you are not comfortable in giving your credit card details check if they have other forms of payment methods such as bank transfers or deposits. You may also be able to walk in to an office to make the final payment once all your travel plans are completed!