Sri Lanka’s first and largest online travel company, was created to share the joy of travel with others. Wanderlust and a commitment to offer the lowest travel rates in the country triggered the inception of the company in 2010. has already gained a reputation as an innovative service provider and problem solver in the travel industry. The booking model addresses customers’ requirements and offers a hassle-free booking option and free price comparison that allows customers to compare the prices of various carriers with the click of a button. works closely with all the leading international airlines and more than 500,000 hotels worldwide to offer unparalleled travel solutions to customers. aims to be the market leader in travel and e-commerce, offering the best rates and holiday options to any location in the world.

How to Spend Day at Universal Studios Singapore.

Have you ever been to Universal Studios, Singapore?

DUBAI PACKAGE. Package Includes: - 03 Nights Hotel Accommodation as at above mentioned above hotels in Dubai - Return Airport transfers based on Seat in Coach Basis. - Half Day Dubai City Tour - Dhow Cruise Tour - Dessert Safari Tour - Dubai Visa Fee Package Excludes: - Return Economy Class Air Tickets as per the above itinerary - Tourism Dirham Taxes - Early Check in and Late Checkout - Travel Insurance For more Information Contact us on Email: 0117 24 7 365 The promotion is valid till 31st December 2016 Travel Period: 31st March 2017 Visit Our website to book now:

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SHARING My Travel Experience

I Would like to share my travel experience with you.

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