Reserve your Air Ticket for Free from!

Findmyfare is always prepared with innovative solutions to offer convenient solutions to our customer base. We have now expanded our travel booking platform to enable customers to reserve their flight ticket free of charge by simply logging on the website with the “Hold my Seat” option.

This is another unique solution for our customers since no other online reservation website allows users to reserve their air ticket without any type of payment being made. This option allows customers to grab the best deals available and hold onto it until they make arrangements for a payment.

After browsing through the findmyfare website if you discover a deal you don’t want to lose out on but you still want to check other options, all you need to do is make a temporary reservation via the website. This reservation will be active for maximum of one and a half days until you make your final decision. You do not need to use any type of credit or debit card to make this booking, simply go through the following steps to make your reservation!

STEP 1 – Search for the destination you want to travel



STEP 2 – Findmyfare shows flight details of various airlines during the given period which makes comparing rates easier


STEP 3 – Once you see the two options ‘book now’ and’ hold my seat’  you need to click on the latter which is hold my seat




STEP 4 – Enter your email address, name and phone number


STEP 5 – Complete your reservation



Once you complete the reservation you will receive an SMS to your phone followed by an Email stating the relevant information about the reservation and the deadline to make the payment.

So its simply booking made easy by Findmyfare!