A Vacation around the corner? It is time to plan that itinerary and book those tickets for the entire family! Book an Emirates flight to wherever you want to go. Vacation is that time in a person’s life which remains etched in their memory forever. Not just the destinations, but other experiences also matter – something as simple as the quality of your flight can make a lot of difference. You could end up reaching your destination either refreshed and ready or frustrated and sulking. If this has put you in a dilemma, then don’t worry – your destination vacation list starts with an Emirates flight booking.

Emirates is a premium airline with their routes spanning the globe. They have special destination vacation routes listed separately to make it more convenient for users to book flights. Listed below are various destination vacations that choosing Emirates will open for you:

#1: Backpacking and hiking

If you are an adventure enthusiast, Emirate airlines have many surprises lined up for you. Booking your ticket with Emirates will give you direct-flight access to some of the choicest adventure destinations around the globe:

  • Ghana – the best way to set foot in this land famed for coffee beans is through the Emirates flight booking to Accra. There is no better way to start your vacation than visiting the lovely beaches of Accra and revelling in its beautiful history.
  • Ethiopia – Emirates flights to Addis Ababa will take you directly to the glorious museums and the rich culture of this Ethiopian capital. One can experience the influence of Italian art first-hand in everything here.
  • China – who doesn’t want to visit China? Landing directly in Beijing, Emirates flights will take you flying into this land of new experiences.

#2: City and weekends

If you have a long weekend coming up, don’t miss the chance of flying Emirates to its various city-break destinations. Unwind, replenish and refresh for the coming week with the following exciting weekend’s trips by Emirates:

  • Australia – Emirates fly you directly into Adelaide, the opportune city for laidback-ness and relaxation. Spending a weekend here is going to be more rewarding than you imagined.
  • Hungary – for nightlife love and memorable hangovers, take an Emirates flight straight into Budapest and party like an animal on the banks of the Danube.
  • South Africa – Cape Town calls for relishing exotic cuisines, sunbathing on its beaches and enjoying the luxury resort life. Emirates fly you in on happy times, so you land refreshed and ready to hit the water. There is no competitor to challenge Emirates based on holiday flights. Thinking vacations? Think Emirates.

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